Monday, July 21, 2008

The sovereignty of Iraq

Condoleezza Rice, when asked her opinion of the Iraqi government's declaration that most US forces should leave by the end of 2009, replied that her administration would "try to be sensitive to [Iraq's] sovereignty ". (Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer, 20 July, CNN.)

Her choice of words ("try to be sensitive") was revealing. The main reason for going into Iraq that still holds up was the establishment of a democratic regime. The American administration claims that the objective was accomplished when parliamentary elections were held and a cabinet was formed. If the administration did believe its own words, it should be under an absolute obligation to defer to the Iraqi government's will in matters concerning the country's fate.

Rice's words seem to indicate that the American administration actually thinks of Iraq as a colony of sorts, and the al-Maliki cabinet as a puppet regime. What I found surprising was that Blitzer did not react to this; nor has anybody else, to my knowledge.

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